Pioneers in Home Improvement Niche Marketing

When TheHomeMag®  launched in 2002, a vehicle specifically for Home Improvement advertising did not exist. It was commonly rolled into regionally mailed magazines with everything from pizza to dry-cleaning to oil changes. Our purpose then remains the same today: concentrating all of our marketing efforts on a very specific and well defined segment of business – and doing so to an equally well defined segment of the population.

Being clear about who we market and who we target is but two pieces of our triangle. The message – that how we promote and what we say – is critical to the success of our business, and to the success of every one of our customers here in greater San Diego, along with all of our customers nationwide. Our specialty, that thing that makes us so unique, is our ability to create a very specific and direct message to our high income and high home value homeowner audience. When we control the message and the audience, we have a greater chance of controlling the result. And nothing creates results better than TheHomeMag.

Niche marketing is aimed at being a big fish in a small pond instead of being a small fish in a big pond. This belief has driven us to become America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™.

For Our Readers:

We Inspire our readers with home improvement ideas and offer an assortment of companies to help them with their home improvement decisions.


We Create Demand for luxury home products and design services in the greater San Diego area.


We Showcase Talent from local businesses who are

properly licensed professionals and experts in delivering

best-in-class services to homeowners.


We Provide a Marketplace where homeowners can easily find a wide variety of sources for all styles and design needs.

For Our Advertisers:

We Reach local affluent homeowners with an average income of $110,000 and an average home value of $340,000 in the greater San Diego area.


We Captivate owners of luxury homes who have a primary interest in enhancing their properties through fine design.


We Provide powerful and quantifiable advertising resources to cost effectively reach your ideal customer.


We connect reputable businesses with select homeowners and we are the best and most trusted name in home improvement marketing.