Unless you’re planning on major remodeling, the master bathroom will be one of the easiest to transform into a comfortable and relaxing room. A new coat of paint in a neutral color will give the room a new look without a great deal of cost. Bright colored towels, pictures, and flowers can be added and changed with the seasons.

New rugs on the floor will be a soothing supplement to compliment the new colors. If your budget is limited consider new decorative knobs for the cabinets and drawers. Colored scented candles fit well in your new master bathroom. Even if space is limited try to keep the counters free from clutter. Make it a rule in the room to rehang all of the towels on the towel racks and install hooks for robes or other nightwear. Nothing shouts small more than clutter.

If there are no cupboards, try to install shelves or carts to hold the numerous items necessary in the master bathroom. Once you’ve created the new master bathroom stand back and look, is there more you could to?

How about the lighting, subdued lights in the evening after a long day are nice, but keep the brighter lighting for mornings. Is there a shower curtain, replace it if needed. Buy one that fits the remaining room. You’ll not want a kid’s curtain, but one more suitable to the room.

If the budget is not yet drained, consider a skylight in the ceiling. That would open the room up. A larger window might be appropriate too, but hire that out because you sure don’t want to leave that unattended. Make sure you have light, but privacy can be more important.

There are professionals who will replace your cupboard doors, drawers, and possibly the countertop and sink. That will give the room an entirely new look. When there is the possibility of enlarging the room, go for it. Larger is better, and more room will benefit all who enter the room.

Ceramic tile on the floor will be another thing that wouldn’t cost a great deal and the benefits would be an easy to clean floor along with the beauty. During the cold winter months, throw rugs would help keep the floor warmer.

If a new cabinet is out of the question, but you still have room for a cabinet look around, especially at yard sales. You could find a piece of furniture that would fit in your bathroom. Paint and a little ingenuity would go a long way.

Put your thinking cap on and decide what you want in your master bathroom, then get busy and do the easy stuff yourself, and make yourself proud.


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