The Magazine

Our full-color magazine has proven to be an incredible marketing tool for home improvement businesses from a variety of industries. The magazine offers quarter, half and full page ads along with front and back covers that put your business in the spotlight. Premium placements and double spreads are also available and our pricing structure rewards consistency and commitment.

Advertising Specs

General Product Specifications
Final Trim: 8” x 10.5” (magazine)
Bleed: 0.25” (print), Safety: 0.25” (print)
Color Mode: CMYK (print) / RGB (web)
Resolution: 300 dpi (print) / 72 dpi (web)

Bleed, Trim & Safety:

Full page and two page spreads can be designed for full bleed. Any full bleed ad, including the front and back covers, requires a 1/4” bleed. Quarter and half page ads do not have a full bleed option. Ads designed to bleed must adhere to the recommended safety margin and keep all text 1/4” from the final trim size. Front covers are designed by a THM Certified Designer with client provided photos or stock images. Safety, or margin, is the distance from the “safe area” to the trimmed edge of the ad. You should keep anything you want to protect from accidental trimming within this safe area. Color, imagery and of course bleed are expected to extend well beyond the safety area. Important things to consider keeping within the margin would be text, phone numbers or logos. The safety is merely a margin to protect from anything important being accidentally trimmed during the printing process.


Advertisers understand and accept that in our normal 4-color, web offset printing process, color variations can occur and differences in the quality of paper may cause slight variations in color, clarity and overall appearance between digital proofs and the printed magazine.


Our design teams exclusively use the Adobe Creative Suite of applications comprised of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. Our offices are equipped to handle a wide range of file types but specific versions of software vary by office. Yes, FREE Design Services are included with the purchase of any product. Ads developed by TheHomeMag can only be used in our publications and products. We do not provide high-resolution files for use in other media.

Submitted Materials:

Advertiser warrants and represents that all material submitted to THM is original art or art which Advertiser has legal permission to use and that no art submitted is in violation of any law and does not infringe on copyright, trademarks, trade names, or patents of any type.

Artwork Submission:

Design files can be submitted electronically via email, DropBox, Google Drive, Box or just about any other digital means. Submissions can also be made using CDs, DVDs, USB/Flash Drives or any other acceptable form of media capable of transmitting high resolution design files. All submissions will be reviewed prior to placement and TheHomeMag reserves the right to make adjustments to any designs violating the terms and conditions of the advertising agreement.