Nothing can be easier to clean and look prettier than stainless steel. They are not that expensive depending on the styles you choose, and they are the easiest to replace and you won’t need a contractor. A do-it-yourselfer can complete the job in just a few hours, and your bathroom will once again look modern.

Whether you choose the shiny stainless steel fixtures or brushed stainless steel. Just be sure to buy quality because a good stainless steel faucet will outlast those cheaper imported models. They aren’t easily scratched, and finger prints can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. The brushed type can be as efficient as the mirror image.

When you want the most modern fixtures in your bathroom, they are usually available in the popular stainless steel. There are shower heads available that will blow your mind. Some sit in the ceiling or can be attached to the wall, and several heads can be installed in a king size shower. Those will need special plumbing changes and in order to do that you may have to tear into the walls to achieve it. Another option would be to hire a professional to help with the job.

There are other stainless steel products to add to your bathroom. Towel racks, shower rods, and even handles placed at strategic places to help the occupants keep their balance. Trash cans, and door handles are additional ideas and they are all available in matching stainless steel.

However you don’t need to completely remodel your bathroom. If you want to keep it simple you can replace the current dripping faucets with the new modern stainless steel. Another thing that will change your bathroom and give it a new look is a gallon of paint to change your color scheme.

Then change the countertop or add shelving to stack towels or bubble bath. You won’t even recognize your own room.

Whether you plan on remaining in your home for several more years, you will still want to impress your guests. Even if you plan to sell your home one of the rooms prospective buyers look closely at is the bathroom. So try to keep your remodeling plans simple without elaborate colors that will turn them away. If your bathroom is small, and you want to add some paint to spruce it up just remember dark colors close in a room so keep the colors light and airy.