You might question whether or not new lighting in your bathroom will transform it so it will look like new. That may also be the first thing you do after a paint job. However, if the paint job is fairly new and your bathroom still looks drab and uninviting, new lighting may be the one thing that will transform the room.

Before you begin, consider who will use the room, and when several people in your household make use of the room, then a light in the middle of the ceiling will not be the most desirable effect for everyone.

When your preferences are for indirect lighting be sure others agree with your assessment. If they prefer lighting at each side of the mirror, then pairs of installed wall sconces will bring the light up to fill their needs. Overhead lighting often comes on with glaring reminders of days gone by. Not only as you look in the mirror that show shadows beneath your eyes instead of above them.

For others who spend their quiet time by reading in the bathroom, more direct lighting will benefit them.

Dimmer switches work well and a night light on the wall switch adds a tiny light to shine in the dark of night.

We all like to look our best, and when a functional room like the bathroom has proper lighting to shine or hide those imperfections our day begins and ends well.

If your bathroom creates contention you might want to create other areas in your home that keep everyone happy. In large families where bathroom time is limited, you might choose other areas, and lighting should be your first consideration.

Keep the areas personal and private as you prepare for the day. Proper lighting in a bedroom, large closet or hallway may work well to give you, and others, the privacy needed for the application of makeup, shaving or hair styling. Simple planning can prevent future problems when other family members need to use the room.

Regardless, the most used room in your home requires correct lighting for every purpose. Even when the ages span from young children to older generations, every member of your family will appreciate the transformation of your bathroom with new lighting.

If all of this seems difficult to achieve, consider hiring an electrical contractor to install direct or indirect lighting in your bathroom. You’ll be amazed at the difference accurate lighting will make, but there may still be one problem. Your family will find the lighting so relaxing they may not want to leave the room.